Monday, 24 August 2015

JUJU still dey??????: Angry Woman Jazz Co-Wife’s Child Into Failing UNIZIK Exams

A 32-year-old housewife identified as Maureen
(surname withheld), resident at Ambassador Leo
Okogwu Street, west end area Asaba Delta State,
on Friday allegedly confessed to have bewitched
her co-wife’s son, an undergraduate of UNIZIK,
Awka, causing him to consistently fail his exams.
The woman was said to have once confessed she
was a witch in her village in Atumaga while she
was 12 years old and was taken to a medicine
man who claimed to have cleansed her of the
witchcraft spirit before men started asking her
hand in marriage.
Last Friday, the woman was said to have sat on
the ground at the junction of Ambassador Leo
Okogwu Street and was surrounded by a group of
boys with her hair looking disheveled when the
drama over alleged witchcraft started unfolding.
Some of the boys were said to have pulled her hair
while others, armed with sticks, occasionally beat
her to extract more confessions from her,
Leadership reports.
In the midst of the uproar, the woman alleged
blurted out: “Please don’t be angry with me. I
didn’t know my wicked acts on my step son,
Nduka, will be revealed oh. Na God just dey punish
me so. I work in a private company in this Asaba,
but my mate teaches in one of the primary schools
nearby, close to FMC. I think you know the
primary school.
“My husband married me as a second wife. I have
two children for him for now, but my mate who is
the first wife has five children. I have been trying
to level up with her, but no way; each time I took
in, it always go out through excessive bleeding, so
I felt she was the one responsible and I decided to
pay her back through making her first son who is
at UNIZIK to be having carryover and later, by
making his answer sheets in the covens. Though I
did not go to school, I mark his scripts spiritually.”

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