Saturday, 10 October 2015

What Happen at The Super Eagles Camp

According to an eyewitness:
Oliseh during the convergence in camp at Belguim was addressing the team
and started ranting about indiscipline and lateness.
He was making side
comments about people who “behave anyhow just because they feel that the
team cannot survive without them” and was talking about how some players
don’t report to camp as soon as they are invited. He then made special
reference to Enyeama stating that he is just going to overlook “Enyeama’s
Arrogancy” for the last time’.
It was at this point that Enyeama raised up his hand to speak and Oliseh
bluntly said, “Victor, i do not want to listen to whatever it is you want to tell
me now”..
Enyeama insisted that he should explain his reason for lateness as it was due
to activities that summed up his mum’s burial since Oliseh termed it as being
arrogant which he wanted to address and Oliseh retorted with these
words… “Victor, I said I do not want to listen to any explainations you wanna
give me concerning your dead mother now, will you sit down or it is either you
leave i and your teammates and exit this meeting or we will exit the meeting
and leave you here”.
Enyeama insisted on telling his own side of the story but was ordered out of
the meeting with security escorting him out.
As if this wasn’t enough, Oliseh announced that in lieu of the latest
development, Ahmed Musa was to assume position as Captain of the team.
With this, Enyeama felt enough was enough and decided to pullout of the
national team.
The source wants to remain anonymous.

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