Tuesday, 12 January 2016

WICKEDNESS!! Imagine How A Bad Madam Tortured This Girl For "Stealing"(See Photo)

This is heartless! A nine-year-old housemaid, Precious Chinwedu, says she is still having pains two weeks after her boss, Mrs. Ifeoma Mbakwe, poured hot water on her for allegedly stealing crayfish.

The incident happened around 8pm on December 27 on Idowu Oya Street, Agbado, Lagos State.
The little girl said, “She (Mrs. Mbakwe) said I should bring crayfish, but I told her I did not see it. She said I ate it. She used something we used to grind pepper to hit my head. She bit me in the back and poured hot water on me.”

The primary 3 pupil, who spoke with PUNCH on Friday at Rem-Yems, a private hospital in Agbado, where she was admitted, said the woman had sent her to bring the crayfish in the kitchen.

Chinwedu said she had explained to her boss that she could not find the crayfish, but the woman accused her of eating it without her permission. She said Mbakwe angrily took a small pestle and hit her in the head.

Not done, Mbakwe, the mother of a seven-month-old baby, reportedly bit the girl in the back before pouring the hot water on her.

The girl, who hails from Orlu, Imo State, said, apart from regular beating, the woman would not give her lunch, adding that she wanted to go back to her parents.

“She does not give me food regularly. There is no food for me in the afternoon when I come back from the school. Sometimes, she would not give me food in the evening. I was brought to Lagos in July. She always beat me. I want to go back to my parents,” she said.

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