Monday, 29 February 2016

Prostitute of zimbabwe retires after having sex with 4000 men(See Photos)

According to The New Zimbabwean News, a woman in her 30 years years long career as a Prostitute, claimed to have served more than 4,000 men. During her legendary career, the 55-year-old Prostitute who goes by the name Sylvia Kandeya with the alias SK, who has decided to go on retirement, used to sleep with more than 7 men per day but now things have changed.


SYLVIA KANDEYA (SK) claims to have bedded more than 4000 men during her 30-year sex work life and she has now decided to retire. (NZ) travelled to Mount Darwin to talk to Sylvia about her enterprising career.
NZ: Word has it that you are the godmother of all sex workers in and around Madondo shopping centre and sex workers bow before you; how far true is that?
SK: All sex workers that come and trade here in Mt Darwin and especially here at Madondo Shopping centre pass through me and my register has more than 20 of them.
NZ: But how did you end up being so popular?
SK: The only work that I have done in my life is to sell sex services for close to three decades; I am 55 years now and I don’t remember the exact number of men that I have offered services but kana kuma 4 000 vanosvika (the number may be as high as 4000).
NZ: On average, how many men per day or a week did you sleep with?
SK: (laughs) I used to sleep with more than 7 men per day but now things have changed; I going into retirement, it’s now one or two men per month.
NZ: Did they pay you well?
SK: Oh yes! Very well, I remember years back when men used to have lots of money to spare before mari ye Zimbabwe yadyiwa nemujuru (before the record breaking inflation).
NZ: And where did all that money go?
SK: I managed to buy a stand here in Mt Darwin Township, built a house and I also sent my children to school.
NZ: You said you have more than 20 sex workers under you; do they pay to be registered or…?

SK: No no no, they don’t pay me anything, but kana zviri ku fire (if business is good) they usual pay atoken of appreciation.

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