Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Lol,Couple Caught Having S*x In The Back Of A Taxi While In Traffic.

A to.pless woman was filmed gyrating on her male companion's lap in the back of a taxi driving on a busy road in Russia. The woman was straddling the man and facing him when she realised that she was being filmed and then leaned out of the window, parading her breasts to other motorists in Moscow.

The proud man gives the other driver a thumbs up as the woman climbs off his lap and sits on the window of the car.

It was filmed on a Saturday morning but the woman and her companion, a larger, older man wearing glasses and a checked shirt, appeared to be drunk.It is believed that they had been out the night before in the Russian capital, and apparently could not wait to get home.

Police did not comment on the matter, although had the couple been caught by a patrol car they would have most likely faced a fine.

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