Friday, 24 June 2016

OH DEAR | How this Beautiful Lady was Killed by Her Husband(See Photos)

Marriage is sweet but you have to be committed and get close to God in prayer. Your beauty and any other trivialities stops to matter once you get married. That was how many of our mothers and grand mothers were able to succeed in it. They were very prayerful and were the ones taking their husband to church.

But what do we have today? Competition in marriage, as if they got into marriage to fight for who is right and who is wrong. The man you are living with needs God. The woman you marry needs God too.

It is sad that this beautiful lady is dead, killed by her own husband...
He then jumped to his death. It is apparently a case of murder-suicide, according to police. The man identified as Reuben allegedly killed his wife, Puleng during an argument.

 According to Daily Sun, the man later threw himself off a crane and plunged 40 metres to his death.

Narrating the incident, the wife's mother, 60yrs old Susan Mahlatse, said Reuben 42, and Puleng 35, lived in the same house and both worked on shift [in the same company].

Susan said on Friday Puleng arrived at work for the night shift and Reuben was about to go home. He asked to speak to her, and when they were alone in the office an argument broke out. Reuben allegedly stood over her and shot her twice in the head.

When cops arrived, he ran towards a crane. He climbed to the top and jumped, falling to his death. Susan said Reuben and her daughter always fight over minor issues; like car, feeding and others.

She said Puleng’s two-year-old daughter keeps saying she is waiting for her mum. “I lie and tell her Puleng isn’t home yet,” Susan said.

- The absence of the God factor in a marriage is a mistake that usually don't end well. Sigh!

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